Everything gets old or withered with the passage of time. No matter, how expensive the thing was, it is meant to get rusted or wear off if not taken proper care. This is the reason that proper products are there to protect the things from getting rusted or damaged. We look after vehicles by regularly servicing them. We polish our furniture to maintain its shine. Similarly, the decking portion of our homes also needs to be looked after irrespective of the fact that it is composed of which material. The most commonly used product for the making of decks has always been the timber. In this article, we will be discussing about the Merbau decking and how to maintain it for longer term.


Decking or deck is the structure that is uplifted from the ground. Basically, the term decking has evolved from the word deck which is the upper floor of a ship.  So, decking can be defined as the portion that is slightly uplifted from the ground and serves the functions of floor. Decks can be made up of any material varying from polyvinyl chloride to timber. But most commonly used and most in demand decking material has always been timber. There is wide variety of timber that can be used for the manufacturing of decks. Each timber has its own pros and cons. Visit this link https://www.kazmantimber.com.au/ for more info on timber decking Melbourne.

Merbau decking:

Merbau decking is the kind of decking that is composed of Merbau wood. It is one of the best kinds of decking as it quite durable. Moreover, it can be used as both indoor decking as well as outdoor decking because it can sustain any kind of extreme weather conditions, be it a scorching heat or a heavy rain. Another benefit of using merbau decking is that it is resistant to termite attack which makes it long lasting but no matter how pure the thing is, it still must be protected.

Similarly, to protect merbau decking from any kind of damage, various products have been introduced. First of all, the deck must be cleaned regularly and one must make sure that no grease particles remain there. Moreover, there is special oil which is used to keep the merbau decking fresh and even more durable. Other thing that is a must for keeping the merbau decking intact is that it must be sealed.


Decking is the kind of flooring but it is slightly uplifted from the ground. It is either made up of polyvinylchloride or of any kind of timber. Decking can be most commonly seen in balconies and bridges. Various types of woods are used in the making of decks. One of the most suitable is the Merbau decking which is recommendable because of it different specialties. However, irrespective of its features, it must be protected well. Merbau decking can be protected from getting damaged by cleaning it regularly and by oiling it every now and then. “Kazman timber” provides the best services of merbau decking.

How To Maintain Merbau Decking For Longer Term?